According to some reports, hackers stole more than 14 million credit card numbers last year. Given this scope, it is possible that your data has already been stolen, and you do not even know about it. Therefore, if you took a loan to the card and plan to pay it off often, you should not forget about security.

In some cases, all that needs to be done is to use a credit card at a restaurant, at a gas station, or during a trip abroad to join the tens of millions of Russians whose credit card numbers are stolen each year. It is important to understand how credit card fraud works in order to avoid infringement of your personal data. But even if the information on your card has already been stolen, it may be easier to solve a terrible problem than you think.

What could be dangerous loan to the card?

 What could be dangerous loan to the card?

Credit card fraud is the unauthorized use of your card for financial gain. After receiving the data about the card, fraudsters can pay with a duplicate card at the checkout in the store or on the Internet, where a physical card is not needed for the purchase. This can be costly for the cardholder. In some cases, the bank that issued the card may return the money, but even in this case you will have to spend a lot of time and nerves.

Banks, card processors and other financial companies are constantly hunting for fraudsters and using incredibly complex systems for instant fraud detection. But at the same time, the criminals are not asleep, and each time they come up with new ways to circumvent the protection of credit cards.

Loan on the card – a big responsibility

If you borrowed a card you need to know how to use the card correctly to reduce the risk of fraudsters falling into the hands. The best thing to do is to avoid seeing criminals. At a time when even the most experienced credit card users fall for fraudsters’ tricks, there are several simple ways to prevent danger.

  1. Order card reports less often

The first step to be taken to avoid fraud is to order the card report to your email or regular mail less often. Use the personal account of the bank, so you will be in the highest possible security. It is best to refuse such reports altogether and to cancel automatic email messages. mail from the bank, in which there is any information about your card or account.

  1. Use strong passwords

Do you use a simple password or one that is easy to guess? Or did you choose a long password, but use it on all sites where you are registered? Although such scenarios are widespread, they make your finances very vulnerable. Each application in the phone and each website must have its own unique password. Never use automatic password selection – they are easily picked by criminals.

  1. Properly dispose of bank statements

If you have taken a loan to the card, in some cases the financial company will send you mail letters in the mail, which may contain valuable information. After receiving such a letter and familiarizing yourself with it, it must be properly thrown away. If you just crumple it, it may fall into the hands of fraudsters. Use a special shredder at work, and at home you can carefully cut the paper with scissors.

  1. Check skimmers

Skimmer is a special device that criminals install on ATMs that are not under careful supervision. The device is difficult to determine visually, but, at a minimum, you need to try to move the plastic receiver of the card – if it is not securely fastened, it may be a skimmer. This device reads all the necessary data of your card when it passes through it. This you do not even know the first time.

  1. Increase vigilance on the Internet

If you make purchases online or pay for any services on the Internet – be as vigilant as possible. Use a separate browser to make card transactions. DO NOT open suspicious emails, do not follow unknown or suspicious links. Always look for “https” in the address bar before the site name. When shopping, make sure that this is the site of a company you trust.

Credit Card Security

 Credit Card Security

On the invisible front, the company that issued the loan to your card and other financial institutions work around the clock to detect credit card fraud. Even if your information is already stolen, there is a chance that unauthorized transactions will be detected and blocked on time before they pass.

However, review your reports every month and check card transactions more often. When you link cards with services such as Google Pay, you will receive notifications on your smartphone every time your card is used, so you will immediately find out if something is wrong.

If you are a victim of fraudsters, do not despair. Your credit card protects you from any serious financial harm, even if these cards have been lost or stolen.

Card loan safe

 Card loan safe

If someone steals your debit card number, scammers can merge your bank account before you know it. At the same time, a credit card offers some protection that allows you to return the money if you apply to the bank in time.

When these cards have been stolen, you need to call the financial company (the number should be indicated on the back of the card) or report online about what happened. In most cases, all fraudulent transactions will be canceled. As a rule, such protection is offered by the bank for free.