There are two types of people in life: those who live in dreams and those who make their dreams come true. The first, in general, are those who also have poverty-mindedness in their pockets; they have the perfect excuses to justify why they do not devote their time to learning new things and acquiring experiences.

While those who work daily to achieve their goals have their “feet well placed on the ground,” they know they need to move to achieve what they desire, that if they do not pursue their desires they will never succeed, do not believe in fate, but effort itself.

For all the people who make it clear and know where they are going, this article is destined, because in the following items, we will give some keys to success that will allow you to have a good amount of money for your future, ideally, start executing them as soon as possible to make them work.

# 1 Be firm in your position: 


Do you believe in something? What is your conviction? If you know how to answer these two questions, we congratulate you because you are clear about what you really want. If not, you should start working on it, for that, you must identify what your support is, which makes you dedicate your time to a specific goal. Basically, it’s about you having the ability to answer the why of things, why do you do it? Or why did you choose this and not that?

# 2 Define what is wealth and success for you: 

# 2 Define what is wealth and success for you: 

According to your perspective, you will modify your actions as these two words become the reason for every decision you make.

Some people believe that money is everything in life while others believe that this is only a means to an end, in fact, the most successful people have demonstrated and has often assured that money is a tool to achieve and accomplish more jobs .

# 3 Do not focus on time and effort, but on results: 

# 3 Do not focus on time and effort, but on results: 

The only people who focus on working hours without thinking about anything else are those who live in stability in their comfort zone. Ideally, change your approach so that with little you get much more, it’s important to relax, enjoy rest and personal improvement, so that you get more recharged and full of energy for your work.

# 4 Set Goals Without Fear:

# 4 Set Goals Without Fear:

Write your goal on a piece of paper, write down why you want it, and add the way you will do to fulfill that purpose. Doing this task and putting it in a visible place will help you to remember your accomplishments every day and turn them into reality.

# 5 Create a win-win strategy: 

Healthy competition is good because you strive to stand out and demonstrate how much you can do, however, when the competition focuses solely on winning, the real solutions are left out.

But when you open yourself to others; they realize how much they can receive from others who are experts in other areas. Understand that collaboration creates a single, mutually supportive connection that is useful to achieve the goals described above.

# 6 Do not work for money, work to learn: 

Although you will not believe it, it will bring you many benefits, the first and most important thing is that you will be happy because you are passionate about what you do.

In fact, you should only spend 20% on your actual work and the rest is improving, learning and resting, this will help you to be a better professional. The sacrifices will then be rewarded because if you dedicate yourself to learning over time, you can charge more for what you do, because no one else will know how to do it.

# 7 Invest at least 10% of your income in you: 

# 7 Invest at least 10% of your income in you: 

It is the same as any type of investment, profitability will be achieved over the years, whether with the goals achieved, the money earned or simply with job satisfaction. The good thing about investing money for yourself is the sense of value and seriousness you put into what you have decided to study or do to improve your situation or your knowledge. Remember that you should always surround yourself with the best to be the best.

# 8 Investing in things that generate more money: 

Many people aspire since they start working for the first time with a high salary and a position or position of greater recognition to have a better quality of life.

But when they do, they forget that employment can not last all their lives and that money must be made to grow, not wasted on purchases and luxuries that after a few days have no value.